RIEBIE LAND 21 Sept. 2020 20 °C
Wind: 3.27 mph
Humidity: 43% Pressure: 1010 hPa
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RIEBIE LAND 21 Sept. 2020 20 °C
Wind: 3.27 mph
Humidity: 43% Pressure: 1010 hPa
Tue 20 °C 14 °C
Wed 25 °C 12 °C
Thu 27 °C 17 °C
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A Passion

For the Arts

The Riebie Culture Team is cooking up a perfect storm! With keeping their finger on the pulse on what is hot and happening, they ensure that we excel in every cultural field we take on.


We are active and excel in the following activities:

    • Choir
    • Revue
    • Eisteddfod
    • Public Speaking


In 2018, our Senior Choir wins the Informal Division of Sing in Harmonie and is named the school with the greatest and best entertainment value. They also get Cum Laude at Super 12.


The Riebies Junior Revue was on everyone's lips after a video clip of our own "John Travolta" was shared on social media. They were the only Junior Revue group to come to Lefra's finals. A great achievement. They made everyone's feet itch to sing and dance.


During the Eisteddfod performances of 2018, the Riebies are awarded the following awards:

    • 4 Section winners
    • Item winners
    • Prestige winners


Our public speaking Riebies went through to several national competitions' national finals, of which they won first, second and third places.


Be sure to watch the Riebie Cultural Team with all its activities again in 2019, as they are already working hard to make that Riebie flag fly high!

Junior Choir


The Junior Choir 2018 performed incredibly well and the Riebies are very proud and we believe that our Junior Choir 2019 is going to achieve the highest award in every competition.


Our Junior Choir consists of 80 members and are conducted by Mr. Gert Pottas and Tertius du Plessis.


Provisional choir performances for 2019:

  • Super 12 -  May
  • Choir Cantare - July / August
  • Sing in Harmonie Episode performance-  May / Final - September
  • Centurion Eidstedford - August
  • Sing It Performance and Final


Please note: Dates and performances are subject to change.


Choir fees:

Choir fees are R200-00 per year. The fee includes the t-shirt and the use of ties, braces and scrunchies.


Choir uniforms:

Girls Formal

  • Royal blue dress - (parents have to pay the school to make it).
  • White long sleeved button shirt - (parents have to purchase it).
  • Black "tights" - (parents have to purchase it - Boundary Silk Bazaar).
  • Scrunchies & Bow ties - (school provide).


Girls: Informal

  • Blue denim trouser pants - (own / parents must purchase it).
  • T-shirt - (school provide).
  • White or blue "tekkies" - (own / parents must purchase it).


Boys  Formal

  • Neat black long trousers - (parents have to purchase it).
  • White long sleeved shirt - (Parents have to purchase it).
  • Black socks and black school shoes - (own / parents have to purchase it).
  • Braces & bow ties- (school provide).


Boys  Informal

  • Blue denim trouser pants - (own / parents must purchase it).
  • T-shirt - (school provide).
  • White or blue "tekkies"- (own / parents must purchase it).

Senior Choir


The Senior choir consists out of +- 90 members and the conductor for the Senior Choir is Gert Pottas and our pianist is Tertius du Plessis.


We are participating in the following competitions:

  • Super 12
  • Sing in Harmonie
  • Cantare
  • Sing It


Senior Choir 2019 results:

  • Our Senior Choir (2019) won the Informal Category for Gauteng schools at the Sing in Harmonie competition.
  • In 2019  they won the prize for the best entertainment choir at the Sing en Harmonie live broadcast.
  • The choir won gold at the World Choir Games .
  • At the Super 12 the Senior Choir walked away with  Cum Laude.


Attention, attention to all Riebie Culture Vultures.


Very soon it is that time of the year again where the Riebies get the opportunity to enter for the annual Eisteddfod. We will participate during the third term. Information will be forwarded to our Culture Vultures.  Please visit the website www.kempkuns.co.za (Sillabus) for items.


Our Riebies once again performed excellently during the 2019 Eisteddfod. Come on all the Riebie culture vultures. Let's make 2021 the best Eisteddfod year yet!


Achievements in 2019:

  • 4 Section winners
  • 44 Item winners
  • 83 Prestiges A++
  • 104 Diplomas A+
  • 66 Platinum A
  • 12 Gold A-
  • 3 Bronze B+


We can . . . We will . . . We must perform optimally!



The structure of the speech requires an introduction, body and conclusion. Persuasion and reasoning is a requirement.


Participants must wear full, formal school uniform. If there are 2 participants with the same speech, both will be disqualified. During Super 12 public speaking, Gr 6 – 7 participants will only be asked abstract questions and no unprepared speeches will be delivered.


Competition Dates


Revue is all Grade 2-7 learners. Auditions have already been done in 2019.


We are excited to take part in various occasions this year:

  • Kempton Art Match
  • Tshwane Arts Festival
  • Kaleideoscope
  • Lefra KykNET competition
  • SA Championships

Please check the Riebie Chatter for information regarding the revue.


Educators involved with Revue 2019:

  • Julie Ruthven
  • Adel Miessner
  • Rhumé Dippenaar
  • Georgina Gerrard
  • Chante Starbuck
  •  Darene Neuhoff



The aim of Riebies for Jesus (R4J) at Van Riebeeckpark Primary is to help children live Christian values as Riebies. We provide learners the opportunity to get "food for the soul" in a school relevant way.


R4J for the Seniors assemble every Monday from 07:00-07:20 in the hall and the Juniors assemble every Tuesday from 07:10-07:30 in the hall. This is an informal gathering. At R4J we all agree: "It's a pleasure to praise the Lord".


All the culture practice times in one document