Van Riebeeckpark Primary Valkie Rugby

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U/6 and U/7 Falcon rugby (2018):
The children that are in Grade R and Grade 1, i.o.w. Grade R turns or is 6 years old and Grade 1 turns or is 7 years old.  The U/6 and U/7 groups will be playing "TAG-RUGBY". Here the love of the sport is created while they learn the ball skills required.


U/8 Falcon A & B rugby teams (2018):
The children that are in Grade 2, i.o.w. Grade 2 turns or is 8 years old.

The U/8 rugby teams start playing tackle rugby as well as the lineouts and scrums so that the players will get the feel of lineouts and scrums without risking injury.

Coaching of all the teams is undertaken by parents.

There are five tournaments, hosted by different schools every year. All the tournaments take place on Saturdays and it’s the parent-coaches responsibility to get the teams to the venues.


The U/7 & U/8 teams each have their own parent representative with the U/8 falcon representative who is also the representative of the school.



Practice times:

  • Practice times will be in the Riebie chatter.
  • The teachers who ae working with the parents: Mr. Ryno van Winkel and Mr. Dawie Griesel.



Dress code:

Gr R , 1 & 2: The boys must wear the school rugby jersey which is available at the Clothes bank or at Boundary Silk Bazaars. The boys will wear  white rugby shorts. Uniformity is important.

Parents: There is parent supporter shirt available @ R250. Shirts may be fitted, for size, at the clothes bank. See times for clothes bank in the Riebie Chatter. All orders must be made, together with payment. Payments must be made at the clothes bank. No orders will be taken without payment.




Ryno van Winkel

Falcon Rugby Organizer