Van Riebeeckpark Primary Cross Country

Van Riebeeckpark Primary is known as one of the top Cross Country Primary schools.  Cross Country offers group

participation to give every child an opportunity to take part. In 2017 more than 150 children took part in a league

competition.We also take part in team competitions like Super 12, Noord Vaal and Kempies / Riebies group

relay competition. 


A big event of the Cross Country is the Cross Country training camp every year. The training camp takes place in

Sabie where the athletes train in the mountains and do adventure activities. 


Training takes place from Term 2 . For more information please contact Hendrik van Staden at the school. 



The Riebies achieved many accomplishments as a team and individually:

  • Noorvaal Final Winners (Girls)
  • Noorvaal Runners-up (Boys)
  • 40 Athletes participated in the D17
  • 12 Athletes participated in Gauteng
  • Amy van Staden came 3rd in the ASA championships and 4th in the SA schools championships



Coaches 2018:

Hendrik van Staden

Anélda van Staden

landloop 2




Hendrik van Staden

Cross Country Organizer