Van Riebeeckpark Primary Mini Cricket


mini krieket

The main objectives of Mini Cricket is to present the

game, Cricket, in the simplest form while ensuring

an anjoyable sporting opportunity for each learner.



Other important goals are the following:

  • Lay the foundation of a lifelong interest in cricket
  • Allow all children, irrespective of ability, an equal opportunity
  • Provide physical exercise in an enjoyable form
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Develop ball-skills, which would be useful in other sports



2018 Coaches: 


U/7 A

U/7 B

Ms. Albe Opperman

Ms. Cherelene Strydom

U/8 A

U/8 B

Ms. Adel Miessner

Ms. Zen-Mari Willemse

U/9 B Ms. Ane Bester



We at Riebieland are looking forward to the Mini Cricket

season in the Third Term and cannot wait to exploit all

the young talent.



More information about the trials will be in the Riebie Chatter.