Van Riebeeckpark Primary Cricket


Van Riebeeck Primary School has a lot of cricket talent. The U/11 A and first cricket team participated in

the Super 12 competition. The U/11 A team ended eighth out of 20 schools in 2018 and the first team fifth.


One players on U/13 level, two on U/12 level and one on U/11 level played for the Eaterns. Achievements

to be very proud of and to be build on.


Nine cricket teams will participate in the Cricket League in 2019.


Coaches 2019:

IMG 4339

U/9 A

U/10 A

U/10 B

U/11 A

U/11 B




Wilhelm Bester

Dillan Kriel

Marko Ueckerman

Hannes Venter

Ryno van Winkel

Dawie Griesel

Charl de la Harpe

Armin van Staden

Marinus van der Westhuizen


Wilhelm Bester

Cricket Organizer