Van Riebeeckpark Primary Chess

We start with chess trials on Saturday 3 February (09:00 - 12:00). Players must be able to play Chess as teams, 7 players will be chosen for U/9, U/11 and U/13 league teams to represent our school (no. 7 will be the reserve). Two Super 12 team will also be chosen, a Junior and Senior team, consisting of 10 players and a reserve. Names of the players chosen for above teams, cannot be changed as the names have to be faxed to the various organizers. We have already completed our chess trials and teams have been chosen for the league and Super 12.

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  • Advantages of chess:

  • Improve Mathematics Achievement;
    Develop cognitive abilities (attention span, memory, intelligence and analysis)
    Increase self-esteem
    Study reasoning
    Improve creativity
    Create perseverance
    Improve endurance
    Learning self-discipline
    Learn to organise priorities
    Help with problem solving


We practise every Monday:

Gr. 1-3: 14:30 - 15:30 (G8)

Gr. 4-7: 15:30 - 16: 30(K2)




Chess Organizers:

Cherelene Strydom & Merle Meyer (Juniors)

Sandra Swart (Seniors)