Van Riebeeckpark Primary Riebie Rascals more about us

The current economic climate in the country  put working parents under enormous pressure and limit

the time they have available to help their child(ren).

Riebie Rascals was established to offer you as a parent the peace of mind that your child(ren)’s needs

are being catered for.

Our service rests on three pillars:

  • * A healthy and balanced light lunches and snacks at 15:15.

  • * Supervision during homework classes.

  • * A safe environment with supervision and security.

Parents must please keep to the after-school hours.  If they fail to do so they will incur a R50 penalty

for every 15 minutes exceeding the closing time. Riebie Rascals is open during most of the school holidays

but closed on public holidays.

Meals are provided after school to all after-school learners.  Learners must eat their lunch before going to

their different sports.  Arrange with ladies if lunch will be skipped. Learners who play matches may go to

the Junior aftercare at second break to go and eat their lunch.