Van Riebeeckpark Primary Riebie Rascals homework classes


All learners (Gr 1 – 7) must attend homework classes.  After they have finished the homework class,

they must return immediately to the aftercare and stay in the designated area. Learners must take their

suitcases with them to study classes.  Staff members of the school will take responsibility for the study

classes.  During the attendance of these classes, a register will be held.


The study classes are divided into two sessions:

First session: 14:30 – 15:15

Second session: 15:30 – 16:15


These times may change to teacher's involvement in extramural activities and meetings.


PLEASE NOTE: Homework classes are merely supervisory classes.  It is being supervised by a staff

member, but no one-on-one assistance is available.  The staff member will only sign the homework to

confirm that the learners have attended the homework class.  It remains the responsibility of the learner

to complete their homework at home, and the parents’ responsibility to check and sign their books.



Grade 1 - 2 learners must please bring along an exstra pencilbag for aftercare,because their pencilcases stays in class.