Van Riebeeckpark Primary History

The seeds for a new Afrikaans primary school in Kempton Park have been planted in 1985. On 15 April 1986 a new school opened its doors to 310 Gr. 1's to St.4's (Gr. 6) learners and 13 staff members.

The following important events follow during the year:

    May 29 - the school is named as Laerskool Van Riebeeckpark;
    June 11 - our motto: Doelgerig, officially declared;
    August - the after-school center starts with 11 students;
    Oct. 14 - the school badge is generally accepted;
    Herman Cremer and Lottie Venter is appointed as the first head boy and head girl;
    Mr. Bill van der Walt is acting principal until December 1986.

January 1987, the school has grown to an enrollment of 454 learners, 12 permanent staff members, 7 temporary and 3 administrative staff members. Mr. Jimmy van Wyk is the first permanent principal appointed, Ms. Alta Venter the first department head of the Junior Phase,  Mr. Ettiene de Wilzem the first head of the department of Educational guidance and Mr. Fritz van der Merwe the first department head of the Senior Phase.

Each Riebie prevails on the athletic field in the C-league and on the rugby field with the first team to be named winners of the North Rand league. The following are further highlights of the year:

    May 2 - the school badge is registered at the Bureau of Heraldry;
    June 2 - our school anthem, written by Anna Rudolph and composed, is accepted;
    October 16 - is the official opening of the school anthem, during the school's first Revue.

Due to growing student numbers, Laerskool Van Riebeeckpark obtained  P1 status after 1 January 1991. The Gr.R Hasie Kwassie's enroll  their first Hasies in 1992 and the after-care center have 85 students.

During 1995 Laerskool Van Riebeeckpark Primary is one of the first primary schools to switch to parallel-medium. The school is also involved in the RAUCALL project for disadvantaged learners to create the opportunity for education, in collaboration with two sponsors (Simba and Mague No. 1).

1 January 1997 Mr. Sakkie Theunissen became the second permanent principal. We published our first newsletter, the Riebie Chatter.
1998  the after-school center officially gets named: The Riebie Rakkers Aftercare center. 1999 the school implemented a fourth Grade 1 class. October 2001 we switched on our first spotlights to give the learners the maximum opportunity to achieve on sport level.  Maximum opportunity for education is also created with our first educational tour with 35 students to Ilkley Lodge, Hoedspruit.  Since 2004, more learners get the opportunity to participate in sport by entering teams in the rugby B league and netball C league. Angel netball, falcon rugby and Netball Academy offers more opportunity for early developing of sport skills. In 2006 we celebrate the school's 20th anniversary with the production, The Impossible Dream. Our annual go-cart races, outreach projects and tree planting day is also now part of the Riebie tradition.
April 2009 - Mr. Derick Victor became our third permanent principal.

Van Riebeeckpark Primary celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and has rapidly grown to more than 1 100 learners and a teaching corps of 60 (admin staff, ground staff and students included) in 2016.  Mr. Vivian Botha is our 4th permanent principal.  The highlight of the year is our Legacy musical production. Our country’s top artists and hundreds of heroes from Van Riebeeckpark Primary will stage a top-notch musical.  During the year, we will also have 30+ do-good projects. This initiative entails that every class takes on an outreach project in the community. Our parents, teachers and learners will take hands and make a lasting difference. Together, we can make a huge difference in the lives of others!

2017 ( Legacy - what is yours? )


The school's morals that we strive to achieve is : Choices , Respect , Integrity , Honesty , Participation , Inclusivity , Unity and school pride.

During the Gala merit evening we had three "old" Riebies as our guests of honour : General Practioner Dr. Dirk Lombaard , Actress and Motivational speaker Leandi du Randt-Bosch and Actress and singer Suzanie Swanepoel.



The Riebies become one of the few schools in Gauteng with interactive boards from Grade 1 - Grade 7. The focus is to keep education lively and to involve all learners in class education.



Netball : The u/13A Netball team participated for the second year in a row in the Gauteng Championship where they qualify to participate at the SA School Championship. During this tournament they achieve , as in 2016 , a fifth place.



The Riebie Choir achieves well at the National competitions such as Sing in Harmony and Sing it.


2018 ( You are the hero of your own story)


The number of enrollments at the Riebies increased so much that the school qualify for a second Deputy Principal.



The Grade R classes also get interactive boards in their classes.



As in 2017 when we became one of the first schools in Gauteng to get interactive boards, we also make history on the sport field by introducing our brand new sport complex that involves Athletics , Netball , Rugby , Tennis and Astro- hockey.