Van Riebeeckpark Primary Principal's Message

Van Riebeeckpark Primary School has, over the years, embraced a clearly defined vision. That is to: "Develop each child to his / her full potential".

In order to prevent unnecessary pressure, we do not enforce performance / achievemnets on any level. Our approach is to create opportunities and facilities, whereby talented children can blossom and be developed to their full potetial.

A dynamic educational-, cultural- and sport program, complimented by an outstanding teacher corps, ensures performance excellence, thereby realizing our vision. A healthy balance between academics, sport, and culture is being maintained, with academic education always being prioritized.

True to our motto: "Purposeful!", educational teaching takes place in totality, in partnership with our parents, educators and community.

The key to the success of our school, is an expert team of educators and supportive governing body.

Our theme for 2018 "You are the hero of your own story", points out the fact that learners write their own story for the future. A learner who works hard, will harvest the fruits of his / her labour.

As school principal, I maintain an "open door" policy, and invite all parents, or prospective parents, to come and see me at any time, related to any matter concerning your child.