Van Riebeeckpark Primary Message from Governing Body



Message from the Governing Body


Welcome to Van Riebeeckpark Primary. It is truly a privelege to be part of a school

serving the community in a warm, friendly and supportive way. For the Governing Body,

it is important to continuously develop the facilities at the school and create a positive

atmosphere that will be conducive to the best education and happiness of each learner.


At the Riebies, it is a top priority to develop every child to their potential. With well-qualified

Educators, a competent Management team and an expert Governing Body, our school

has all the ingredients to successfully accomplish the vision in a goal-orientated, disciplined



The school is blessed with nvolved and positive parents, and Educators who do not only deliver high quality education in the

classroom, but are also competent sports and culture coaches. Year after year, the children perform in academics, sport- and

cultural fields because of the shared commitment.


Very few primary schools in South Africa have the facilities, which the Riebies enjoy. I believe we are the only primary school

in our district who can boast with interactive boards in every classroom from Grade 1 to Grade 7, as well as fantastic sport

facilities, which includes an AstroTurf for hockey.


The school is currently acquiring lockers, which will be made available to the Grade 4 to Grade 7 students. These lockers will

provide security for their belongings and provide them with an opportunity to reduce the weight of their schoolbags, whilst aslo

making movement between classes easier.


The School's theme for 2018 is 'You are the hero of your own story" ... It is extremely important that our children receive the

necessary support and encouragement while they are building their future. You can never regain the time lost today. Parents

need to invest time in their children's education, ensure that their homework is done correctly, assist them in understanding

what they battle with and encourage them to read. Without parents' interest and assistance, children cannot perform.


Thank you to every parent who afford their precious time to their children and to the Riebies, faithfully pay their school fees,

and provide constructive positive inputs. Without a parent community investing in their chidren's education, the school could

not fly at these heights. 






The Governing Body Portfolios is as follow:

Mr. Vivian Botha                                          Principal

Mr. Christo Strydom                                    Chairman

Mr. James Woo                                           Vice Chairman and Personnel

Mr. Riaan van Staden                                   Legal

Mr. Aldo van der Walt                                  Marketing

Mr. Ettiene Rossouw                                   Finance

Mr. Albert Janses van Vuuren                       Strategy

Mrs. Thora du Plessis                                 Academic: Foundation Phase

Mr. Hendrik van Staden                               Academic: Intermediate Phase

Mrs. Ansa Mulder                                      Culture

Mr. Jaco van Rensburg                               Sport

Ms. Elsabe van Niekerk                              IT

Mr. Marinus van der Westhuizen                 Infrastructure , Health & Safety , Discipline