Van Riebeeckpark Primary Eisteddfod


Attention, attention to all Riebie Culture tigers.

Very soon it is that time of the year again where the Riebies get the opportunity to enter for the annual Eisteddfod. We will participate during the

third term . Very soon information will be forwarded to our Culture Tigers.  Please visit the website (Sillabus) for items.


Our Riebies once again performed excellently during the 2017 Eisteddfod. Come and see all the Riebie culture tigers. Let's make 2018 the best

Eisteddfod year yet!!


Achievements during 2017:

 9 winners

73 Item Winners

111 Prestiges

112 Diplomas

44 Platinum

9 Gold

4 Chrome




Lizzie Schoeman

Eisteddfod Organizer