Van Riebeeckpark Primary Intermediate General Guidelines



All Gr. 4-7 learners received a homework book. Homework books must be paid at the class teachers (R50 each).

Parents must please check and sign homework books daily.

If a learner doesn`t do his/her homework, the disciplinary systems will be followed.


Communication with staff:

Please make an appointment at the office or leave a message at the office so that the staff member can phone you. The best means of communication remains to send an e-mail to the staff member concerned. CC this email then to Elsabe van Niekerk:  elsabe(at) (replace (at) with @ in the e-mail) of .


If you have any queries or problems concerning academical work, please contact Elsabe van Niekerk or Hendrik van Staden. Communicate by using e-mail, fax (011 976 2638) or phone (011 976 2633). If you need a personal appointment, please phone one of the secretaries in the office.