Van Riebeeckpark Primary Foundation Phase General Guidelines


Foundation Phase General Guidelines


As guided by the National policy programme and promotion requirements of the National Curriculum Statement, pupils have 4 subjects taught to them in the Foundation phase:


  • Home language and First Additional language (Components: Listening and speaking; Reading and phonics; Writing and Handwriting)
  • Mathematics (Components: Numbers, Operations and relationships; Patterns, Functions and algebra; Space and shape; Measurement; Data handling)
  • Life Skills ( Components:Beginning Knowledge and Personal and Social Well-being; Creative Arts; Physical Education)


  • The CAPS document provides a number of activities that are made up of a number of parts dealing with different components of the subject. The 7 point rating scale is used to determine the promotion marks. All the subjects are divided into practical, speaking (oral) and writing to determine a combined promotion mark per subject. Assessments are prescribed in the CAPS Documents and the marks for the different assessments are guided by SASAMS.